Monday, April 18, 2005

The Most Awesome Thing Ever (and by ever I mean today)

Part of my job description is to ready all of the items that customers want to ship to other places for Fedex to pickup and deliver. Due to our close proximity to the local jail and since loved ones can only ship reading materials to prisoners through a bookstore, I end up sending a lot of Maxim and other like periodicals to horny criminals (the only rule on porn: no penetration. Guess whose job it is to check on that).

Today I shipped this.

I hope that prisoner enjoys sodomy, because when his cellmates see that, he's gonna be somebody's butt monkey.

Oh Yeah...

So here are the unidentified quotes:

3. The Italian Job. I heart Seth Green.

11. Ella Enchanted. Only the best movie ever.

12. Tara actually got this right, Say Anything... On paper (so to speak) it's a little schmaltzy, but in the movie itself, it's awesome.

15. Undercover Blues. I don't know why, but this movie cracks me up and Dennis Quaid is really hot in it.

16. The Princess Diaries. This movie is so cute. And I'm not a very "cute" person.