Sunday, February 25, 2007

Even More Oscars

-Oh don't applaud the conducter, he's been kind of an asshole, playing off the winners

-Ok this sound effects thing is just creepy. And I'm not sure I buy that they're really doing all of that

-Ok, that was a pretty good sound editing joke, because I totally thought something was wrong with my TV for a second.

-So sound editing is for the foley stuff? Then what's sound mixing? I'm a bit torn because I wanted the Apocalypto guy to win because he's been nominated 18 times without winning, but I also don't want anything connected to Mel Gibson to win anything. Plus the guy who won is so boring.

-Yay, now we're getting to the real awards

-Mark Wahlberg's like thanks for bringing up my juvenile delinquent past, assholes.

-These are really short clips. Is this how they're saving time

-And it's the first upset of the night. Eddie Murphy is pissed. Alan Arkin is hilarious in Little Miss Sunshine

-How does one get into interpretive dancing? I think you have to be at least a little off in the head.


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