Sunday, February 25, 2007

And So It Begins...

Here's a little Oscar Stream of Consciousness

-Aww, that was sweet opening film, especially for like the short film people, cause nobody cares about them

-I wonder who gets stuck way up in the balcony

-It's nice to see Ellen really dressed up

-That is the awesomest handlebar mustache I've ever seen

-Is Jack Nicholson bald? Is he now taking styling tips from Britney Spears?

-Abigail Breslin's dress is a little too pretty, pretty princess for me, but when I was 12, I might have worn the same thing

-Ahh the red states are going to hate that Al Gore joke. However, I and all the other Hollywood liberals love it.

-Who doesn't love a rousing gospel number?

-Well the Pan's Labyrinth Art direction winners just answered my balcony question. I don't think they let the other art direction winner talk. That sucks for her, but is probably a blessing for the rest of us.

-Oh no! Interpretive Dancers


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