Sunday, February 25, 2007

Still the Oscars

-Did they just make a Volver-ine joke? Really?

-Can we pick up the pace guys? It's getting late for us east coasters and I have to get up early for work tomorrow

-I'm not surprised at the Little Miss Sunshine screenplay win because the screenplay categories are usually when they honor the small quirky movies

-That is a much better dress on Jennifer Hudson than the brown thing. Bonus: no shiny tinfoil jacket. Although her boobs are pretty jiggly while she's dancing

-This Beyonce dress is much prettier than the other tacky one. And the guy they're singing to is much hotter than Jamie Foxx.

-I think Beyonce may be having a seizure. I mean she usually gets into her singing, but this is ridiculous.

-Melissa Etheridge looks tiny next to Queen Latifah and Travolta. And the Dreamgirls people are pissed again. The original song category was their best shot!


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