Sunday, February 25, 2007

-I'm going to guess that Happy Feet wins because everybody loves penguins. And I'm right.

-That was a very enthusiastic introduction, Affleck

-I want Borat to win because the speech would be hilarious, but I don't think a mostly improvised movie should win for screenplay

-Ok the live mannequins in the costume segment are also creepy. She won for Chariots of Fire? Isn't that movie about running. How exciting could jogging clothes possibly be. The Marie Antoinette costumes are fabulous.

-Oh it's Tom Cruise. What's that nutbag doing here.

-I'm sure she's a great humanitarian and all, but clearly Sherry Lansing is a fan of botox

-Oh it's those creepy interpretive dancers again. They should have just done the dance from the end of Little Miss Sunshine, cause that was awesome

-Naomi Watts' dress would be pretty without those weird sleeve things

-I know that technically movies from Canada are foreign films, but come on.

-Since when is Snakes on a Plane worthy of an Oscar mention

-Why are you so shocked Jennifer Hudson? You won every other pre Oscar award. And wait for George Clooney! I wouldn't waste any opportunity to get close to him.


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