Sunday, February 25, 2007

The ABC Pre-Show

-Cate Blanchett is very shiny

-Andre Leon Talley is wearing a Dracula cape in that Jennifer Hudson segment. It takes a secure man to pull that off

-Why is Patricia Field wearing a gigantic cold token. I hated the work she did on Sex and the City, but I have to admit that the clothes in The Devil Wears Prada were perfect.

-Aww, Ryan Gosling brought his mom and sister. He's hot and sweet. I'd do him.

-Who knew 15 years ago when Marky Mark was dancing around in his underwear, he'd one day be an oscar nominee?

-I love that color on Kate Winslet. She always looks amazing.

-Reese Witherspoon never looks bad, but she most always looks boring. And tonight is no exception.

See you at the main event.


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