Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Just To Let You Know...

I added my comments to Eric's hilarious breakdown of the fall schedule on Inneffectual Whore. I'd add the link here but it's in the post below, and quite frankly, I'm lazy.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Don't Call It a Comeback

No, I was not pinned under a heavy bookcase or win a trip around the world or anything else equally dramatic kept me from posting an entry for an entire freaking month. No it was far worse. The universe, the republican party, and my own computer all conspired against me, denying me the sweet, sweet, constant information and stimulation that I so desperately desire. Each time the internet explorer popped up that error window, I swear I could hear faint maniacal laughter coming from some unknown place, mocking me and my pain. Well it took some time, because hey, that's a pretty big conspiracy up there I mentioned, but my lovely roommate and his equally lovely boyfriend just bitch-slapped that phantom maniacal laughter into silence. That's right bitches, I'm back.

Not much has happened in the month since we last spoke. One of my friends got married, another engaged, I may have come to a decision about my career path, and I got a year older. You know, grown-up stuff. Which is weird because I'm so not grown-up. Meanwhile I will continue updating my own special brand of randomosity with regular infrequency. Oh, and stay tuned to the Whore because I am in the middle of writing something massive so it should be up there by October. Of 2005. Ahh. Didn't you miss me?