Saturday, May 15, 2004

The Others

So I just googled my name and apparently I am also a conservative kindergarten teacher in North Carolina,a special education major in Valdosta who seems to like all things cutesy, and someone who really likes Walt Whitman and wrote a really bad paper about him. Though I suppose my name is not the most unusual running around out there (unlike the newly monikered Apple Blythe Alison Martin)it's a little bizarre thinking about someone out there who shares that major part of your identity. I mean are names are part of what shapes us. A Rainbow can't help but be flighty whereas a Carlton can't help but be stuffy. And yet these other Courtneys out there seem so different from me, all perky and cute. Maybe I'm the badly named Courtney. Damn you parents!


At May 15, 2004 at 4:18 PM, Blogger Eric said...

"Apple Blythe Alison Martin"? That's just so very wrong. I hope she goes by "Alison."

You just know the British tabloids- with their love of nicknaming- are loving this. Their praying she grows up to be a bad girl actress so they can use the headline "Rotten Apple leaves 'em cold at play."

Yeah I'm sorry about that one too


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