Friday, April 09, 2004

I know that I have a reputation of being a somewhat sarcastic, cynical hardass. But those who know me a little bit beyond the surface level, understand that I have a whimsical side as well. Never was that side more apparent then last night. Eric and I embarked on a magical movie journey after hours at the Blackhawk movie theater. We ripped on the implausible and inexplicable ending of The Prince & Me. He explained the exposition that I had missed from the confusing yet ultimately kickass Hellboy ending. With the incompatible peppy music playing over the credits, we bopped right on out of the theater, and into the eyeline of some Danville "thugs" so we immediately ran away.

Then it was onto the main event, we finally got to see an entire movie. And oh what a movie it was. Ella Enchanted was a crazy, wonderful subversive fairy tale. I don't think that I have had such a gleeful movie experience in quite some time. Of course seeing it in an empty theater where I could yell and cheer all I wanted probably helped in that regard. I think Eric described it best when he said it was like a live action Shrek. The acting ranges from acceptable to good, from understating to 'dear God where did all that scenery go.' And I know my feelings on singing and dancing in movies have been well documented: it makes every movie better. Seriously, it makes great movies (the aforementioned Shrek) brilliant, good movies (Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion) great, and sucky movies (She's All That) somewhat watchable. Ella Enchanted had two (well two and a half) production numbers. The moral of the story is a little bit obvious, but with all of the fun I was having I really didn't care. We were dancing throughout the entire movie, including the credits.

Now this movie isn't for everyone. If you can only stand independent movies about the human condition and think everything Hollywood makes is worthless filth, then you're a snob and shouldn't see this movie. If you're a guy's guy who can only watch our governor or a wrestling star blow up the bad guys, then your overcompensating for something and shouldn't see this movie. If you don't have a heart, then stay home. Everyone else, enjoy.


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