Sunday, October 17, 2004

I Now Like Atlanta Again

I have to admit that I'm surprised, yet pleased by this ruling. To paraphrase the article, the Atlanta 11th circuit court of appeals ruled that the requirement of metal detectors at a protest outside of a military base was unconsitutional. The metal detectors had been implemented after September 11th, but the court said that we couldn't sacrifice the Constitution until the War on Terror is over because the War on Terror might never be over. Amen. I remember after September 11th when people were saying that they'd be willing to give up just a little bit of freedom for our safety which I always thought was bullshit. For one thing, there has to be a way to prevent terrorism without violating the Bill of Rights, and for another thing, the reason why I live here and not anywhere else is because of those rights and I'm willing to die for it. Although not in a military sense because I'm not really very strong. I'm a little surprised that this ruling came down in the very conservative Georgia, but relieved that there is still some common sense in the judicial process. I'm also interested to see how this sets a precedent for the Patriot Act and other future rulings on the violation of personal rights in the name of Homeland security.


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