Friday, July 23, 2004

This Just In: Torture Bad

Here is a headline I actually saw on AOL News today: Poll Shows Americans Against Using Torture.  You would think that this would be a gimme, just one of those things that everyone in the world (who is not a super secret spy) knows is bad,  like AIDS, famine, or movies based on reality TV phenomena.  But no, apparently we need a poll to illustrate the idea that the act of deliberately causing another human being physical or mental distress is not the most upstanding thing to do.  apparently not all Americans agree with that though, only a majority do. Since this poll was about the current war in Iraq, I'm guessing that these people who were all cool with torture are probably in no danger of being tortured themselves.  Because if they were they'd probably come around to our way of thinking.  I mean if you think torture is a dandy way to pass the time then fine, that's your perogative.  But you have to believe in torture for everyone, because otherwise you're just a big hypocrite. 


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